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Antipasti - Starters

Minestrone Soup £4.20
Garlic Mushrooms (cooked in cream, garlic and lemon) £5.70
Funghi Gratinati (mushrooms stuffed with cheese, breadcrumbs, garlic, herbs and sundried tomatoes) £5.50
Breaded Garlic Mushrooms (served with garlic mayonnaise) £4.90
Pate Della Casa (homemade chicken liver pate) £4.90
Melon & Parma Ham £5.50
Panzerotti (Pancakes stuffed with cheese and spinach baked in the oven) ) £5.90
Chicken Livers (sautéed with onions, bacon and a touch of chilli) £5.60
Spare Ribs (cooked in our tasty sauce) £5.90
Spicy Chicken Wings £5.50
Grilled Goat's Cheese (on a bed of rocket salad, caramelised onions and balsamic glaze £5.20
Fried Breaded Brie (served with Cranberry sauce) £5.40
Halloumi & Chorizo £5.90
Goats Cheese Chorizo & Parma Ham £6.70
Any Pasta served as a starter portion £5.50

Seafood - Starters

Prawn Cocktail (in a Marie Rose sauce) £5.70
New Zealand Mussels (in tomato, garlic and white wine sauce) £6.20
Calamari (deep fried squid rings served with tartare sauce) £6.50
King Prawns (cooked in garlic and wine sauce) £6.90
King Scallops & Black Pudding £6.90
Shellfish Trio (King prawns, king scallops & mussels cooked in wine & garlic butter sauce) £7.90

Garlic Bread & Bruschetta

Pizza Base With Garlic £3.20
Pizza Base With Tomato £3.50
Pizza Base With Cheese £4.10
Pizza Base With Tomato, Onions & Fresh Chillies £3.80
Bruschetta Al Pomodoro (toasted bread with fresh diced tomatoes seasoned with garlic, basil, salt and pepper) £4.20
Bruschetta Monte Cristo (toasted bread with Greek hallumi cheese, Greek lountza smoked ham, sliced tomato drizzled in olive oil) £4.90
Bruschetta Mediterraneo (toasted bread with seasonal diced fresh tomatoes and feta cheese) £4.60

Selection of Salads

Tomato & Onion Salad£2.90
Greek Salad (mixed salad with olives and feta cheese) £5.20
Caesar Salad with Chicken £6.70
Mixed Salad £3.90
Side Salad £2.90
Bowl of Olives £2.50
Onion Rings £2.90
Roast Potatoes £2.50
Chips £2.50

Pesce (Fish)

Monkfish & King Prawns (in a thermidor sauce)£16.90
Pan Fried Seabass Fillet (with roasted cherry tomatoes, thyme and a drizzle of garlic)£13.90
Salmone Spinachi (grilled salmon fillet on a bed of creamed garlic spinach)£12.50
Lemon Sole (With shrimps in creamy pink sauce)£14.50
Hake Picante (with onions, chillies in tomato sauce) £13.50


Pasta and Risotti

Spaghetti Bolognese (served with a traditional Bolognese sauce) £7.50
Spaghetti Carbonara (with bacon, cream, parmesan and egg yolk) £7.50
Spaghetti Seafood (mixed seafood in a tomato sauce with a touch of cream) £9.50
Spaghetti Al Aglio (Cherry tomatoes, olive oil - add chili if you like) £7.20
Penne Cavallero (short pasta tubes with beef fillet strips, onion, peppers in tomato sauce, chilli if you like) £9.20
Penne Pollo Pesto (short pasta tubes with chicken in a pesto sauce) £7.90
Penne Arrabiata (pasta with spicy salami, onions, garlic and chilli in tomato sauce) £7.50
Penne Polpette (with meat balls in tomato and basil sauce) £7.90
Penne al Salmone (short pasta tubes with smoked salmon and paprika in a cream and tomato sauce) £7.50
Tagliatelle Zuccini (egg and spinach pasta ribbons with prawns, corgettes in pink sauce)£8.90
Tagliatelle Mexicano (egg and spinach pasta ribbons with chorizo, chicken, mixed peppers, chilis in tomato sauce)£8.90
Tagliatelle Monte Cristo (egg and spinach pasta ribbons with king prawns, scallops, garlic and basil in a tomato sauce) £12.50
Risotto Pollo Porchini ( Rice cooked with chicken, porchini mushrooms in mascarpone creamy sauce) £8.90
Risotto Vegetarian (rice cooked with mushrooms, peas, broccoli and courgettes in a cream sauce) £7.50
Risotto al Pollo (rice cooked with chicken and mushroom in a cream sauce) £7.80
Risotto Seafood (rice cooked with mixed seafood in tomato sauce) £9.50
Lasagne al Forno (pasta layers baked with mincemeat, béchamel and tomato sauce)£7.50
Canelloni Ripieni (pancakes filled with mincemeat, spinach, herbs and tomato baked in the oven) £7.50


Pizza Margherita (cheese and tomato)£6.90
Pizza Quatro Stagioni (cheese, tomato, ham, salami, olives and mushrooms) £7.50
Pizza Tropicale (cheese, tomato, pineapple and ham) £7.50
Pizza Calzone (folded pizza with cheese, tomato, ham, salami and mushroom) £8.50
Pizza al Greko (Cheese, tomato, halloumi cheese, olives and smoked ham) £8.50
Pizza Salome (Cheese, tomato, smoked salmon, onions and dolcelatte cheese) £8.20
Pizza Tonno (Cheese, tomato, tuna, sweetcorn and chillies) £7.50
Pizza Caprino (Cheese, tomato, goats cheese and caramelised onions) £7.50
Pizza Monte Cristo (A bit of everything (no seafood)) £8.90
Pizza Marinara (cheese, tomato and seafood) £9.50
Pizza Vegetarian (cheese, tomato, mushrooms, onions and mixed peppers) £7.20
Pizza Suprema (cheese, tomato, chicken and sweetcorn) £7.90
Pizza Mexicano (Chicken, chorizo, pepperoni, mixed peppers and chillies) £8.50
Pizza Meat Feast (chicken, salami, ham and mincemeat) £8.50

A la Carte - Carne

Filetto Monte Cristo (8oz) (fillet steak with mushrooms, shallots, garlic and brandy in a cream sauce)£19.90
Filetto al Pepe Verde (8oz) (black and green peppercorns with cream sauce) £19.90
Filetto Rossini (8oz)(on a crouton topped with pate in a rich creamy sauce) £19.90
Sirloin Sizzler (Plum or sweet chilli sauce) (strips of steak with mixed peppers, onions and mushrooms)£14.50
Sirloin Diana (10oz) (sirloin steak with onions, mushrooms, French mustard and cream sauce)£14.50
Sirloin Calabrese (10oz) (sirloin steak with peppers, onions, garlic and chilli in a tomato sauce) £14.50
Sirloin Dolcelatte (sirloin steak with mushrooms in a Dolcellate sauce) £14.50
Steak Surf Turf Sirloin - (chargrilled steak topped with 3 King Prawns and served with onion rings, mushrooms and grilled tomato) £18.90
Steak Surf Turf Fillet - (chargrilled steak topped with 3 King Prawns and served with onion rings, mushrooms and grilled tomato) £22.50
T-Bone Steak Alla Grilla (16oz) (served with onion rings, mushrooms and grilled tomato) £19.90
Mixed Grill Thrill (Lamb shops, fillet steak and chicken fillet) £15.90
Grilled Lamb Chops (served with creamy mash and garlic) £13.90
Lamb al Greko (Lamb off the bone with feta, olives, mixed veg) £14.20

Pollo (Chicken)

Pollo Monte Cristo (stuffed chicken breast with mushrooms and spinach in a cheese cream sauce) £12.50
Pollo Fantasia (breast of chicken with peppers and mushrooms in a creamy sauce)£11.50
Polla Picante (breast of chicken with onions, garlic, chilli in a tomato sauce)£11.50
Polla al Greko (breast of chicken with onions, feta cheese, garlic and oregano in a tomato sauce) £11.50
Polla Alla Crema (breast of chicken with onions, mushrooms and wine in a cream sauce) £11.50
Pollo Panchetta (stuffed with sundried tomatoes, asparagus, wrapped with panchetta with cheese sauce) £13.50
Polla Sizzler (Plum or sweet chilli sauce) (Strips of chicken with mixed peppers, onion and mushrooms) £11.50